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Cel mai scump apartament de hotel din lume. Pretul: 81.000 dolari pe noapte - FOTO, VIDEO

18 Mai 2012
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Elvetia are cele mai scumpe camere de hotel din Europa. Iar pretul apartamentului Royal de la Hotelul President Wilson din Geneva este cel mai mare din lume: 81.000 de dolari/noapte.

Apartamentul Royal se intinde pe un intreg etaj, 1670 de metri patrati, are 12 dormitoare, 12 bai, iar personalitati ca Bill Clinton, Mihail Gorbaciov si Michael Jackson i-au trecut pragul. Este securizat maxim: usi blindate, ferestre anti-glont. Are de asemenea acces la heliport.

Liftul care te aduce la extravaganta destinatie este unul privat. Ca priveliste, poti sa-ti clatesti ochii cu Alpii si lacul Geneva. Ai la dispozitie un asistent personal, un bucatar si un majordom.

Televizorul de 103 inch, de la Bang & Olufsen, costa peste130.000 de dolari. In doar doua alte hoteluri din lume mai gasesti un asemenea device.

Apartamentul dispune de o sala de fitness, o camera pentru biliard si una pentru conferinte.

Colectia de arta este la randul ei impresionanta.
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Damith  | #133
property reliant upon being on good terms with the sovgerien. The Chinese Revolution horrific as it's been has apparently produced a China remarkably similar to what it was under The Warlords of the late 19th Century. Even the American Revolution preserved the basic structures and forms of the prior political structure. (A facile and glib analysis, to be sure, but facile is my middle name I just spell it oddly.)Many reasons for this, but mostly it boils down to the resistance to change of cultures they just aren't all that malleable and tend to snap back to prior state. Another factor is that when a subjugated class overthrows their rulers it is usually the case that they lack any model of governance significantly different from their (previous) sovgeriens. So the oppressed tend to reenact the behaviour of their masters, minus the moderating customs (noblesse oblige, e.g.) that, however ineffective, tended to reduce the abuses of the prior overlords. Slaves, for example, only have the master/servant paradigm, with scant experience of equal interaction.Remember, there was a reason G-D let Moses and company wander the desert for forty years. All those who'd been slaves had to die off.I daresay most readers get their experience of literary revolution while adolescent thus establishing literary expectations for quick & easy revolution. Heinlein's Moon at least gave us the hard slog to establish a government and in The Rolling Stones he recognized that all governments become sclerotic over time. After all, what are the types of person attracted to government careers? There is a natural draw of the Cornelius Fudges and Percy Weasleys of the world entrepreneurs tend to go elsewhere for work.
tpkrheoz  | #148
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