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El este Orbit - cel mai urat turn olimplic

4 Mai 2012
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In plina pregatire pentru Jocurile Olimpice, Londra a finalizat constructia turnului numit Orbit, sponsorizat de cel mai mare producator de otel din lume ArcelorMittal. Turnul are o inaltime de 114 metri, in prezent acesta fiind cea mai inalta sculptura din Marea Britanie, scrie Business Insider.

Turnul este mai inalt decat Statuia Libertatii (SUA) si decat Big Ben (Londra), de doua ori mai inalt decat coloana lui Nelson din Trafalgar Square (Londra) si o treime din turnul Eiffel din Paris.

Finalizarea constructiei ar trebui sa fie un moment de triumf. In ultimele doua dati cand Londra a creat cele mai mari structuri de arta cu ajutorul sponsorizarilor, The Millennium Dome si roata London Eye, londonezilor le-a placut atat de mult incat au devenit atractii turistice permanente in peisajul capitalei britanice.

Insa exista o problema: in afara de designer, Anish Kapoor, de inginer, Cecil Balmond, si de CEO-ul ArcelorMittal, Lakshmi Mittal, toata lumea crede ca este cel mai urat turn pe care l-au vazut vreodata.

Turnul a costat 22,7 milioane lire sterline (36,5 milioane dolari).

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Eriko  | #152
Glad we could help and glad to see they made the trip to Tucson safely. We retncely had a mare get badly injured at the kill lot trying to get back to her foal and they shipped her anyway .keeping these mares and foals together is so important. And we were lucky the guy who runs the kill lot had already separated these two and started to pull away but came back and unloaded for us if it weren't for our volunteers being dedicated we might have lost these two. I'm so glad Judy was able to take them on when we're seeing 2-3 double deckers a week pull out fully loaded to mexican slaughter in our neighborhood.
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